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"Membership is important for the health of our church as we pursue and invest in our vision - to make disciples of Jesus Christ and reach the 93% of people who have no or very little contact with the Church and the Gospel"

Revd Ben Gardner



You need to be 18 years old & over


You need to be baptised.

If you are not baptised but would like to discuss this, please get in touch.

You have regularly attended (once a month) STB Sunday Gatherings over the preceding 6 months.* 

 Vision & Values

You are committed to our Vision and Values.

6 Months 

Being a member of STB also makes you a member of the wider Church of England*

*Becoming a member of STB does not prohibit you from being a member of another chairty, church or on the electoral roll of another CofE church 

Our Commitment to you

We are committed to making apprentices of Jesus Christ. So our commitment to you is that we will provide opportunities & resources for you to grow in your discipleship and to use your gifts to serve His Kingdom in the contexts he has placed you. 

Your Commitment to STB

*it's not about how much you give, it's the act of giving that's important

  • To Pray for the life and vision of STB

  • To Invest in discipleship (yours and others)

  • To Prioritise Sunday Gatherings

  • To Serve the community and STB

  • To Give financially to the work of STB*

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