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The Grant Fund

The Grant Fund is a pot of money which we have dedicated to encourage and support local missional and discipleship projects. Grants of up to £500 are available. Simply, take a look at our criteria, complete the online form and we will prayerfully consider your application.

Applicants must be 16+ and be based in Leicestershire.


Grants will only be given to projects that fulfil at least one of the criteria below


That furthers the advancement of the Christian faith.


That contributes to the prevention and relief of hardship.


That invests in the growth and wellbeing of children and young people.

Grant Ideas

Part funding flights for a young person to engage in social action/missional trip abroad

Paying for paint to decorate the lounge of a family who need a bit of extra support.  

Funding an afternoon tea and Alpha session at a local care home 

Apply Today!

Application Deadlines: 1st Feb / 1st June / 1st Oct

Our Grant Fund Committee will meet soon after each deadline date to prayerfully consider your application. 

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