Our Values

Our Core Values

These values are central to who we are as a church and help us in our decision making process. Our aim is to get better at these as we mature because we recognise that we are not the finished article!

1. We priorities making apprentices (disciples) of Jesus Christ.

2. We are here to reach and serve the 93% (those who are not members of a church)

3. We work hard to build an authentic community that demonstrates the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

4. We love to gather to worship, explore the Bible, inspire and encourage one another to live like Jesus.

5. We have a bias towards the next generation.

6. We laugh, have fun and go large when we welcome.

7. We want to give away because God has given everything for us.

8. We pray and seek the Holy Spirit every time we meet.

9. We intentionally invest in new leaders, communities and church plants.

10. We celebrate and encourage rest and holidays.

11. We take risks, dream big and fail often.

12. We will do everything we can to safeguard all people. 

13. We seek to partner with churches and organisations who want to pursue Kingdom values.