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Our Trustees

Purpose of Trustees

To safeguard all people who belong to and connect with STB.

To sustain the short & long term ambitions of STB.

To support the leadership team in fulfilling the vision of STB.


Ben Gardner

Chair of Trustees

Ben is the Leader of STB and chairs the board of trustees. Ben is passionate about people falling more in love with Jesus and making Jesus known.

Claire Rowles

Trustees Secretary

Claire has been with us from the beginning. Claire brings a wealth of business experience and is our Generous Church Champion. She is particularly passionate about bringing quality to what we do.


Paul Oxborough


Paul was one of our original planting team. As trustee, Paul helps oversee all things employment. He has previously served on Emmanuel Loughborough PCC and is one of the most compassionate people we know.

Chrissy Whitehead


Chrissy joined us from Elim Church Loughborough in 2019. Chrissy is on Kids team and is passionate about people coming to know Jesus.

Stephen Adshead.jpg

Stephen Adshead


Stephen attends St Mary's Nanpantan and is our 'critical friend'. He is chair of Leicester Diocesan Board of Education and also Chair of Laity for the Diocese of Leicester.

Edd Costerton


Edd was part of the original planting team but has since moved to the South coast. Edd is a lawyer and played an instrumental part in establishing STB as a charity.

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